Types of Bets That Exist in Cockfighting Gambling

Types of Bets That Exist in Cockfighting Gambling


Types of Bets That Exist in Cockfighting Gambling – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, the following is an article that discusses the types of betting contained in the cockfighting game.

On this occasion, we will discuss about the game of cockfighting gambling that we really need to pay attention to and we need to know together. This cockfighting gambling game is one of the real gambling games

has so many and so many players. Not only the Indonesian people are really fond of cockfighting gambling. There were also a number of countries who were also present and crowded to play cockfighting gambling. For example

just like in Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ecuador, there are even in our neighboring regions, namely the Philippines. These countries are indeed one of the countries that really enjoy the fighting of cockfighting gambling

where each of them still has its own characteristics for the way of playing and is also part of the ring to compete for the cockfighting as well. Well, this is one of the things that we really need to pay attention to as well. We can

make sure again that the cockfighting gambling game is one of the gambling games that can really make us feel a different sensation from most other gambling as well. And it’s not that hard to get

understand and interpret this one gambling game as well. Well, in this case we can also see and condition again that there is a need for us to be able to play cockfighting gambling. To be able to win

a lot of money and can carry a fair amount of money. Because this cockfighting gambling game is one of the gambling games that we can share that this gambling game has several other important things. As such it is gambling

This is a gamble that uses live birds combined with other birds that are also fellow chickens. No need to go further, let’s just discuss now the discussion about this type of cockfighting bet as well.


For this type of choice of cockfighting, this one is also one of the cockfights that we really need to be able to choose properly and correctly too. we can watch or choose wala as a game of this type

too. Well, in this case too, we want to tell you a little again that we actually don’t understand a little about wala. So, what is meant by wala in the cockfighting gambling game? Wala is a one way or is a way

we need to develop together. This type of competition is that we will choose which chicken is determined to be the hen. Well, if at the cockfighting match before it starts, then we can watch it together too

where the chickens are referred to as wala. Or which chicken is called wala which was previously determined before switching to cockfighting. So because of that we can also look back at the way of the one game. What this is like and who will be the winner later when the match is in progress.

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Meron is a type of bet that we need to pay attention to as well. This is also the opposite of the wala that has been determined by the referee as well. Meron itself is the name for a chicken that has been defined the same as wala

which should have been directly selected and determined directly before the cockfighting match started. If we choose the type of meron, then we also have to be able to win the match and the meron must be able to beat. The wala who competed in the cockfighting gambling game itself too.


For several other cases in the cockfighting gambling game. Can not always use the name of the meron and also the wala. There are also those who use the player’s name that has been determined in this cockfighting gambling game too.


Apart from the player, there must be a banker. Yep, banker is also the name for the chicken that has been named before before competing. So, we can choose between a player and a banker to be able to play cockfighting as well.…